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This website contains all the information you will need to grow food at ultra-low cost when arable land is not available. It is particularly useful when access to water is limited. UrbanFarm® grows vegetables and fruit in vertical bags but in a quite ingenious way.
This video is all about our urbanfarm project:


In particularly deprived areas of the developing world we may help to fund the purchase of seed and compost for new project starts following which they will become self-funding.


  1. There will be a global population of 9 Billion by 2050 – currently (2013) we are over 7 Billion.
  2. Unemployment – Globally there will always be a degree of exponential population increase.
  3. The prospect is famine or feed

There is a solution that has a common denominator to the above problems. The answer is labour intensive crop farming on sites other than existing arable land, utilising a simple growing method that can be temporarily sited (nomadic)  and manned by trained (low skilled) urban farmers. They can either be self- employed or working in a not for profit Co-operative/Voluntary Sector/Charitable organisation or Entrepreneurial Enterprises.

There is no mystery to “UrbanFarm®” vertical Grow Bags, they share the same technology as the Hanging Basket – it is how they are deployed that is the critical path to success.


The rapid march of our world’s climate with its erratic weather changes of drought, flood, extreme temperatures and gales dictates the need for us to "up our game ". Our geographical scope should now be worldwide. Accessible edibles method of cultivation makes it relevant in any climate, location, jungle clearing to city sprawl, all terrain, hard or soft standing and most importantly where water and land is limited. This statement sounds ambitious - it is not, it is an inexpensive well trailed way forward to helping home food security or feeding nations. It's food for thought.

Click here to access our Application Manual now and start growing your own food.